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Ever since I was a child, I have been very interested in nature and the environment. I have a B.S. degree in wildlife biology, and have worked as a zookeeper, wildlife biologist, and ecologist. I am conducting a brief survey of world leaders, government officials, religious leaders, corporate CEOs, environmental groups, wildlife experts, and others regarding nature and the environment. I am also very interested in religious views, customs, and beliefs from around the world, and the interactions between religion, culture, society, and the environment. This is something I am doing out of personal interest, and is not connected to any group or organization. I have been working on this project since the summer of 2006, and hope to eventually turn it into a book and/or documentary. I am hoping to make this into a global project, with responses from all segments of society. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or comments. If you have not already done so, I hope that you will consider taking part in my project, and please spread the word to anyone you think might be interested! Thanks for stopping by!


June 24, 2008

Herbert Haylock

Programme for Belize (

Today’s Date: May 12, 2008

1. What interaction with an animal and/or nature in your life has had the biggest impact on you?

The biggest impact on my life has been taking care of 2 pet turtles along with my daughter for the past 2 years. Having this responsibility and making her become more aware of being responsible has had many emotional rewards

2. Did you have a favorite place in the great outdoors during your childhood?

No - not during childhood.

Now? Australian Outback. It's my dream to go there and walkabout.

3. As a former zookeeper, I would love to know what your favorite animal is and why?

Great White Shark and Bengal Tiger. I have simply always been fascinated by these two animals and would love to be able to see each someone in a real setting.

4. What do you think is the greatest environmental challenge facing us now, and what do you think will be the greatest challenge in the future?

Our greatest challenge facing us now is ensuring we maintain harmony and balance with our environment. Our greatest future challenge is going to be making sure that we keep this equilibrium once we find it and determine what it is.

5. If you could give one piece of advice regarding the environment and our natural resources, what would it be?

My advice would be 'To remember that we (as humans) are but one piece of a magical puzzle being spun here on earth and we should ensure that we make our piece fit snug and not be taking up more space than required in this puzzle called life.'

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